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I put my heart on my sleeve through the words that I write on here. So read my soul and enjoy.


step back and look at the world
every time you feel unhappy
or aren’t grateful for what you have
just stop where you are
and realize people have far less
all over the place
and you know what?
they are happy with everything
the clothes on there back
how they just made the roof over their head
the rodent they were able to kill
that will be the family’s dinner
when you feel like you deserve more
like you aren’t given enough
realize the amount of people
that earn everything
and have never been given something
when you are complaining about money
and not having a phone
realize there are people
who have never had one
that will never afford to have one
some that don’t even have money
and I bet you
they are happier that you are
because they see the beauty of living
and earning everything around themĀ 

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