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I put my heart on my sleeve through the words that I write on here. So read my soul and enjoy.

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  • nutmeg-smithy-165 asked : Hi there, Brigit. My name is Megan. I saw your add on penpalsgonepostal and was wondering if you would like to be pen pals. You sound like a fun person and I would like to get to know you more.

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I would love to be pen pals with you. :)

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    Feel free to download my pen pal questionnaire! 

    answer these. maybe I have some penpals in just my followers ^_^

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  • Time for delicious Asian cuisine. ^_^ #food #mmm #mealtime (at Park City Shopping Mall)

  • through your eyes

    when you look at me
    what do you see
    cause I’m tired of what I see
    when I look in the mirror
    so I’ll look through
    your very eyes
    to see what seems to be
    your attention

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  • Inside your head

    cages behind gates
    fenced in and chained
    to the thoughts that linger
    never stopping
    but increasing the darkness
    as it creeps on in
    for this is your head
    my darling
    and you’ve been



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  • Nervous is key

    I forgot how to be nervous
    When taught to be brave
    Without forgetting the sensation
    But rather losing the name
    It was changed to failure
    For that was to creator
    Of fear to move forward
    So I fell into the void
    Of fear and failure
    Walking hand in hand
    As siblings to a lie
    That being nervous
    Was a sin against bravery
    When in truth
    It is the key

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